My Lot

Welcoming like a warm bath,
a blanket in the cold,
the sun in winter,
sleep after a hard day’s work,
water in the desert,
food in the street,
and land after a long flight,
your presence spoils me,
makes me greedy and lazy.

It truly is my lot in life
that I should have to work so much!


My Purpose

When I am weak,
we are strong
for you carry me.

When I am wrong,
we are right
for you stand for me.

When I fail,
we succeed
for you remain steadfast.

By the wisdom of God,
you are my strength.

As concrete is to a foundation
so are you to my well-being.

Without you, I am land
without purpose.

Sarah’s Smile

Sarah’s smile drives me wild.
Smell the sunrise calling me.
The ocean breeze, it beckons me to swim.

Bathing in the scattered sunbeams,
piercing through the waves.
Swim to shore to rest a while.
Sun descends to kiss my face.

Fall asleep as red moon rises.
Wake to find you next to me
never once forsaking me.