The Adventure

Synchronized, we move.
The ebb and flow, a cradle
gently comforting and calming.

Never breaking form,
steadfast on our course
for peace and prosperity.

As one we overcome
all opposition.

Marriage is not a give and take or a compromise. It is an exciting journey of two people earnestly seeking to improve each other’s quality of life.



I follow the contours,
colors, textures.
Familiar, yet unknown.

A thousand years as never once,
ever is a blessing.

Fluttering heartbeat and sweaty palms.
You are the sunrise at each day’s end.

I wake to watch the sunset
as I go about my day.

The Time Between Moments

There’s a time between moments
where heaven is found.
Onset by kisses,
your presence surround
me, drown in Euphoria.

Please don’t retrieve me,
leave me right here,
away from my fears
and sorrowful tears.

Peace and comfort
are found within,
but wisdom and strength without.

Sarah, I love you
and wish I could stay,
but now I must go
and conquer today.